We're "Fine & Dandy" With Graycie York

We're "Fine & Dandy" With Graycie York


Texas Country artist Graycie York debuts her newest single "Fine & Dandy" tomorrow, September 28th. York gave us a sneak of this happy little tune before its release at midnight (or 11 PM CST).

Produced at The Amber Sound by Ryan Youmans, "Fine & Dandy" is a pedal steel driven song with kind lyrics of love and light. Its low honey vocals from York is reminiscent of a young Kylie Rae Harris, while upbeat instrumentals gives a Kaitlin Butts nod. 

Instrumentation includes Youmans on bass, Matt King on drums, Tyler Tomlinson on acoustic guitar, Nathan Keeterle on electric guitar, and Andy Ellison on pedal steel.

"The steel guitar was really the kicker for me and made me fall completely in love with my sappy lil' love song," said York. "Everyone told me I needed at least one happy one so I didn't depress everyone at my shows; but the more I played the song and heard how much other people loved it, the more I loved it."

York wrote "Fine & Dandy" in 2019 as her very first love song. 

"[I] hated it at first because it felt too cheesy, and I just didn't sing about love," said York. "I absolutely love writing sad heartbreak songs, so this was a whole different world for me."

Annoyingly catchy (you know the kind that you can't shake out of your head), "Fine & Dandy" has a sweet little whistle solo bridge by York. It immediately takes listeners to a calm place, like walking on clouds completely in love. 

York's release of "Fine & Dandy" comes in perfect time with the slow weather shift from scorching to fine fall days. This single is just the right kind for pumpkin patch dates, hand holding in the park, dancing in your lovers arms with the windows open and a cool breeze.

"Fine & Dandy's" cover art is by Courtney at Wild Kind Prints. You can view her work at @WildKindPrints on Instagram.

You can stream "Fine & Dandy" tomorrow on all music platforms or catch it at a live show. You can find York's tour HERE! Happy listening!

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