Mile 0 Fest DAY 1 RECAP

Mile 0 Fest DAY 1 RECAP

Welcome to our Mile 0 Fest daily recap! We are here to give you FOMO (fear of missing out), introduce you to great music, & update you on all the fun & phenomenal! For video coverage, you can find snips of most sets at @PickinPetalsMusic on Instagram.

Starting the day off at the "Shit Show" (yes, a Mile 0 Fest sanctioned event), Dante's Key West Pool Bar & Restaurant was packed to the brim with Inappropriate Trucker Hats & various band merchandise. As festival goers began flooding onto the island, those early birds nested between water marked wood pillars & the 360 bars. The set originally scheduled with Cliff Cody (out sick!) was swapped to Wesley Hanna, JD Graham, & Sarah Hobbs. The crowd danced in the gentle rain to covers of Turnpike Troubadours & Jimmy Buffet.

Moving onto the main stage at the Truman Amphitheater, Jason Scott officially kicked off the festival. His twangy 70's jam bound sound had the crowd stomping their feet, while his honky tonk attitude kept 'em on their toes. Scott debuted new single "Golden" which comes out some time in March.

New to Mile 0 Fest, Tanner Usrey absolutely shredded the stage. Queen of merchandising Uncle Bekah (of Inappropriate Trucker Hats) welcomed Usrey on stage by giving away a "Tits Out for Tanner" trucker hat, making the crowd go wild. Usrey included new song "Destiny" with a cool mash-up of "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" by the Georgia Satellites. His double electric lead guitars & veteran bass player kept heads banging & beers flying.

Finishing off the main stage was William Clark Green. A Texas musician known for his honest songwriting, Green's band is a sight to see. The band's tight Texas Country sound got festival goers swaying, while his heartfelt tributes brought tears to eyes. Green dedicated "Still Thinking About You" to Cheatham Street's late owner Kent Finlay, a mentor & inspiring songwriter to Green. He also dedicated "This is Us" to his pregnant wife who is soon to give birth to their second son. Ooos, awwws, & "da da da da da das" riddled the crowd. Per usual with Green's drawl, "Ringling Road" brought the party & burnt the stage down.

BUT WAIT! It's not over! After parties began across the Key, beginning at The Smokin' Tuna Saloon. Jamie Lin Wilson & Wade Bowen spearheaded a Charlie Robison/Keith Gattis tribute show. The bar was standing room, body to body packed as artists sang their renditions of popular Robison/Gattis songs. Nick Gardner (of Wade Bowen band/lead guitar) & John Henry Trinko (keys/accordion) instrumentally accompanied as the nights "house band."

Photo by Carley Du Menil

This is a list of most (if not all?) songs played:

* Big City Blues- sang by Wade Bowen/Jamie Lin Wilson; slowed down version, very bluesy and soulful

* The Bottom- sang by Adam Hood, with surprise guest John Goolsby; Hood's deep vocals absolutely knocked this song out of the park!

* Sunset Boulevard- Cody Canada sang this with his own silly adlibs, in true Canada fashion. Belly laughs echoed as Canada sang "Wade Bowen is gay."

* Barlight- sang by Mike Harmier of Mike & the Moonpies. Absolute honky tonk smash! Mike's use of facial expressions never fails to amuse.

* Loving County- sang (or at least attempted) by Jason Eady. It was Jason's birthday & shots were definitely had. As Eady began a slooow and steady version of Loving County, he quickly forgot the words. However, he did tell an incredible story about Robison leaving him dog poop in his hotel room on his first tour with Robison. This was a "you had to be there" kind of story, but absolutely entertained the packed bar.

* Reconsider- sang by Jamie Lin Wilson. Another soft acoustic broken down version with Wilson smooth low vocals. One of the most caring renditions of the night.

* California - Drew Kennedy sang a gentle, but heartfelt Gattis song. His belted notes echoed throughout the Tuna with conviction.

* New Years Day- Bri Bagwell brought her southwestern flare to this border song, inducing crowd participation.

* BOWEN ANNOUNCEMENT: As we all know, the Smokin' Tuna has the live Tuna Cam, where we were informed Keith Gattis' dad Don Gattis was watching the tribute show live. Gattis sent a text of gratitude, appreciation, & love for the show honoring his late son & friend.

* Good Times- sang by Josh Grider, this song was a fist raiser. Grider's excellent showmanship had the crowd moving and grooving.

Photo by Carley Du Menil

* 11 Months & 29 Days- Bowen led a Johnny Paycheck song, inspired by Gattis years of playing it. Trinko absolutely lit fire to the keys. It's honestly a wonder how the instrument was still standing the way Trinko just viooooolated that song. I mean, talk about incredible musicianship!! This was hands down the highlight of the evening.

* My Hometown & El Cerrito Place- The entirety of the crew led a chorus of drunken & happy festival folk in singing these two iconic songs. It's undeniable that El Cerrito Place is one of the greatest songs to ever come out of Texas. Tears were had. Cheers were clinked. Necks were hugged. It was a tremendous ending to a killer first day.


Photo by Carley Du Menil

Now, I'm sure much more ensued at the end of this tribute show. All the musicians who played & those who haven't yet flocked the bars, roaming about with Mile 0 Fest excitement. However, it was 1:30 AM at this point & I ran for bed! Its a marathon folks, not a sprint.

If you attended Day 1 & would like to add your experience, feel free to do so in the comments section below! If you couldn't attend Mile 0 fest this year, stay tuned for our daily updates around noon. Oh, how we wish you were here!

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Thank you for this!! I am missing this year & my heart is breaking. Your update brought smiles & tears for sure. Carry on, my friends……

Beth True

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