Mile 0 Fest Day 2 Recap!

Mile 0 Fest Day 2 Recap!

As Day 2 rolls around, more Mile 0 Festival goers flock to the island on planes, trains, & automobiles. There are recognizably more people walking the streets, more notable artists on the backs of buggies, & chickens roaming to find crumbs of tourist food. (We have yet to see an iguana, will report when we do!)

Important Disclaimer: it is humanly IMPOSSIBLE to catch every show at Mile 0 Fest. Several artists are slotted at the same time at many bars across the tourist district to include Hanks Saloon, The Smokin' Tuna, Sunset Pier & more. These are the shows I (Taylor) personally caught between scheduled interviews.

Starting off day 2, we caught Bri Bagwell accompanied by her beau Paul Eason at Hank's. Courtney Patton, Josh Grider, Gunnar Latham, Drew Kennedy, Tanner Usrey, & Walt & Tina Wilkins simultaneously played at various venues. Bagwell's set moved several people to tears. She sang about her dog Whiskey (new song releasing February 9th), her past heartbreak, & her strong love with Wilder Blue's Eason. Bagwell even debuted a stand out song: A tune with no title, she sang a love makin' slow jam for the first time live in front of her man. It was very sexy & flustered ol' Eason a bit, leaving him saying "DAMN" on the mic at its conclusion. We did a full interview with Bagwell that you can find HERE soon! It's juicy, teehee.

While we interviewed Bri, we missed American Aquarium, Them Dirty Roses, & Uncle Lucius. Yes, I wanted to cry. But luckily for this festival, most (if not all) acts play several times throughout the week. This is a HUGE perk of Mile 0 Fest!

Next we caught William Clark Green again at the Sunset Pier Mule Barn stage. This event was for specialty package holders. The stage was absolutely gorgeous, jutting out into the turquoise ocean. The Tipsy Tiki floaters had their own bar islands on the side stage water. It was noticeably more spacious at this venue, ocean air allowed for a much needed breeze. This has been our favorite specialty venue yet. Artists like Josh Abbott, Jamie Lin, Bowen, & more found themselves secluded & relaxed at this venue, as well.

Unfortunately, our power walk to catch RC Edwards resulted in a double booked venue. However, we got to watch Sarah Hobbs sing lovely ballads & early 2000's country twang along with Jason Allen. Two-stepping was had, along with tequila shots! Edwards roamed about in thong flip flops & rolled up jeans if anyone was asking.

Stoney LaRue took the main stage, bringing on Red Dirt Rangers John Cooper & Clark Peaden for "Idabel Blues." Sticking with his classics, LaRue stayed tried & true. So much in fact several festival goers had a "One Chord Song" bet. The tune lasted over 12 & a half minutes if anyone needed official time. LaRue also traded guitars with Cody Canada's signature silver PRS during "One Chord Song" and "Oklahoma Breakdown."

Introduced by Tanner Usrey as "better than Wade Bowen," Cody Canada then took the stage with his cool clothes, even beckoning the camera man to zoom in on his dank shoes his wife got him. Canada completely dismantled the main stage with his intense lead guitar shredding, but built it back up with the welcoming of new talent. Canada's set was filled with family, urging usual merch man Peyton Kole to play lead guitar on several of Canada's most popular songs. Canada also brought his sons on stage to play lead guitar & drums on "Dimebag," as well as allowing one of the sons girlfriends to sing lead. She is lead of band Waves in April who appear at Mile 0 Fest throughout the week. Most memorable of the night was when Canada dedicated "Constantly" to his wife because he needed spousal redemption. Earlier he crashed his rental car into not only one, but TWO trees. There is nothing that screams forgiveness like hundreds of people singing a song dedicated to your very pissed off wife. We think she forgave him though. 

Famed songwriter Jason Boland took the stage, singing new & old songs with  fervor. Boland was so low key in his plain t-shirt while singing intense thought provoking lyrics. He sang a new song that had remnants of Waylon Jennings while referencing Hank Williams. He also mentioned Cannabis Law while playing a second new song, stating that cannabis law matters to "all the cool ones." Honestly, really listening to all of Boland's lyrics is a politcal choice. I vote Boland as Mile 0 President. Hell, I'd even vote him as USA president! 

In between sets, Red Dirt Relief Fund raised over $5000 on a Wade Bowen signed guitar & over $7000 on a complete artist signed guitar. WE LOVE THAT!

Introduced with statement "Wade makes Cody Canada look like a bitch Bowen," Bowen finished out the night with fan favorites & hard hitters. Bowen's seasoned vocals are a sound to behold, almost always as crisp as studio recordings. Lead guitarist Nick Gardner was on fire, serving us an electrifying performance.

Presented by Mule Barn, Courtney Patton, Jamie Lin Wilson, & Josh Weathers finished off the main stage (that's Bowen in the above photo.) These three vocal powerhouses hold a special camaraderie, feeling like family on stage. They sang originals & covers of popular country & rock 'n roll tunes. Thus, ending a great day 2! We poked a bit around the bar district for special surprises, but concluded everyone went way too hard night 1 & are now early bed goers for the evening.

If you'd like to see any of the performances mentioned above, you can check out our Instagram at @PickinPetalsMusic or our Facebook page Pickin' Petals. There you will find highlights of daily recaps & specialty shows like the Robison/Gattis Tribute.

Stick around soon for full interviews from Bri Bagwell, Kaitlin Butts, Josh Weathers, & more!

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