Nick Brumley's "Feather" Release

Nick Brumley's "Feather" Release

Nick Brumley's single "Feather" releases Friday, October 20th and has already caught wind.

Premiering exclusively on 95.9 The Ranch, "Feather" was produced by Michael Stephens at Pizza Party Studios in Shreveport. You might recognize Brumley as the quick fingered guitar picker of rising trio including Presley Haile and Race Ricketts, who exhibits an exemplary knack of soul wrenching songwriting himself.

"Feather" is a hopeful song on the heels of a hard life. It's an anthem for release; letting go of the sacrifices of the day to day and trading in for the freedom of floating easy on a breeze. The single art is created by Kyle Hadley of Redwood Creative, an artistic staple of the Brumley brand.

With vocals comparable to Grady Spencer, Brumley's tenor maintains calming long notes throughout the verses while additional harmonies by co-writers Haile and Ricketts fulfill a nostalgic vocal ensemble. 

"This is actually the first single out of four that I will be releasing through the next few months before I release the full length album called "Circus," which comes out March of 2024," said Brumley. "I was lucky enough to have a lot of my close friends come in and record this single with me."

Friends include Logan Hall on the pedal steel, giving that yearning aura to the melancholy tune. Brian Martin of folk band Sad Daddy played a suitcase to round out a wholesome and honest percussion sound.

"A literal suitcase!" said Brumley. "We knew we wanted percussion of some sort, so he brought a suitcase and played brushes on it. I thought it was genius!"

One of the standout moments in "Feather" is the steady and rhythmic beating of the bass line at the chorus breakdown "ooos," played by Stephens. It proves that sometimes simplicity has the strongest hand.

"We actually did [Feather] all live in a room all together," said Brumley. "The AC was out, and this was in the middle of July in the south. Two takes and we were out of there! I thought we did pretty damn good if I might say so myself."

With its live take, "Feather" feels alive. The single has a way of making you feel on the porch, listening to this group of symbiotic musicians flow together. It's one of those tunes that gets added to your calm down playlist. Chorus "let the wind blow us through the pine trees..." is certain to worm its way into your thoughts, softly humming the melody throughout your day.

"I'm so proud of [this song] and extremely grateful to have such talented friends to call up and share the creative process with," said Brumley. "The cool thing about recording to me is getting to play with these folks. A song is just a song until my buds come in and give it a pulse. They bring these songs to life. Frankenstein shit."

You can download or stream "Feather" on all streaming platforms tomorrow, or better yet: Request "Feather" by Nick Brumley at 95.9 The Ranch to hear it on your radio by calling 817-877-1959.

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