Petals Posse


[Peen-ya Tay-lot-uh]. Founder and Florist at PinaTaylotta Petals, also known as Taylor.

I didn't always want to be a florist. I wanted to be a writer, a painter, a drinker of hot tea out of some ceramic kettle I handcrafted. But here we are, and I couldn't be more excited for us!

My grandmother Ruth, Wela as I call her, has always had an extreme green thumb and flourishing garden for someone who lives in the scorched Earth of south Texas. My appreciation for my power color yellow comes from her deep love of yellow roses and our affinity for basking in the sun while pulling weeds.

I am a trained painter. A Western fashion enthusiast. An Army veteran. An Indigenous woman. & so much more that shapes this brand beyond the limited range of a traditional flower shop.

I want to show that there is such incredible art in nature-- from the veins of an anemone to the craters and curves of a fuschia celosia. I am always nipping at the heel to form a composition with the stems of my gatherings for you to enjoy, if even for a fleeting moment.






Chloe. Media & Sales Manager at PinaTaylotta Petals, also known as the Branded Palomino.

Originally from the east coast of Florida, Chloe relocated to Texas to expand her horizons and pursue her goals as an artist in content creation and photography. She is passionate about making others feel loved and empowered, a strength she excels at on the PinaTaylotta Petals team-- surely something she learned from her single father of five talented girls!

She is a huge Dolly Parton fan! Her first cow was a blondie named Jolene who still lives on her father's land. In addition to Dolly, Chloe always has the blues playing in her home and gets grumpy if the store stereo isn't playing something melancholy.

We knew Chloe was the perfect fit for PinaTaylotta Petals based on her social media presence as @TheCitrusPalomino on Instagram. The Citrus Palomino is a way to represent cowgirl culture in the Southeast through fashion and art. Branded Palomino Photography is an extension of her internet persona and is our in-house content creator. (Yes folks, she is available for media freelance!)

We hope you visit and ask Chloe about music, photography, or her ever changing favorite flower of the week!



Shea. Delivery Driver at PinaTaylotta Petals, also known as the Shea Abshier & the Nighthowlers.

 Born and raised in Stephenville, Texas, Shea is our self-proclaimed delivery "manager," as he's our only delivery driver! He brings an enthusiastic light to the PinaTaylotta Petals team. He's also the father to celebrity child Ava Mae, the smallest member of the Petals Posse.

Shea is also an established singer/songwriter for the band Shea Abshier & the Nighthowlers. He's been touring and playing music for 12 years. On occasion, you'll get a little tune from Shea when receiving a special floral package. $100 tips are suggested, but not required ;D

Fun facts about Shea include that he knits his own beanies, he's pretty okay at playing the spoons, and he used to rodeo (WOAH! Didn't see that coming did you?). He is also a supporter of various artistries and unique things, hence why he loves to work at this shop.

We would be elated if you ordered yourself some flowers, so you'll get to meet Shea for yourself!


PinaTaylotta Petals
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