Jamie Lin Wilson & the Maritime Moon

Jamie Lin Wilson & the Maritime Moon

Running on the old bricks of Key West beneath the maritime moon, you could find Jamie Lin Wilson arms open to new experiences. Parading her into our newly claimed condiment closet (see Bri Bagwell's interview), we talked with Wilson about new tunes, advice for upcoming artists, & friendship.

It's no secret who Wilson's bestie is: the Stephenville, Texas native Courtney Patton. Wilson & Patton played a song swap together on the Hank's Saloon stage, donned with matching hats & equally as brightening smiles. You can read more on that show [HERE.]

"Courtney & I have been best friends since we met & that was maybe 2007," said Wilson. "We were both struggling, both trying to tour, have kids, be married, be a girl in this business [which] is hard. We bonded over being real & allowed ourselves to become friends."

The dynamic songwriting duo released song "Hard Time Lately" in July '23 & sang it together on stage. Wilson said it was their first released song together after years of friendship.

"We've been leaning on each other ever since," said Wilson. "I'm really lucky to have someone like her that's so understanding. When I'm having a problem & she should be like, 'hey you're being stupid,' she'll say that to me; & then she'll still love me on the other end of it. We've been through so many things personally & professionally. It's just a blessing to have friends like that, to have grown up adult friendships."

Among the sweet tunes was new release "Maritime Moon" by Wilson that debuted the week of Mile 0 Fest. Described by Wilson as "kind of a beachy situation," the single has an uplifting, slow livin' feel to it. Standout lyrics festival goers couldn't stop talking about were "if we stay awake, it'll stay yesterday"-- a perfect summary of the fear of missing out the island nightlife brings to people.

As a woman in the music industry, I had a few questions for Wilson considering her revered reputation as a leader in Texas songwriting. When asked what advice she'd give to upcoming artists & industry folk, Wilson was at-the-ready with direct & lived through answers.

"One thing I say to new singer/songwriter/performers that are women (women have it a little bit harder because people expect less of us & expect us to not be able to do things) [is] know how to set your shit up," said Wilson. "Know where your tuners go. Know where your pedals go. Know how to play your guitar. Know how to restring it. Be able to do it all on your own without help from anyone... and THEN you'll get help."


Another piece of advice Wilson harped on is the ever-so-present looming cloud of "write. good. songs."

"Don't cater," said Wilson. "Don't cater to the 'girl' thing, what 'girls' are supposed to write about. Write what you want, but don't cater to what everyone expects you to do."

Something that hit me square in the head while Wilson spoke of songwriting & choices were her words on what other people want versus what you want to do as a professional. 

"I've heard so many times like 'you should have a song that duhduhduhduh,' like I don't want to do that song," said Wilson. "There's other songs like that. Other people do that. I don't need to do that." To which we raise a glass & nod our heads in agreement. 

Besides staying true to yourself & what YOU want to do, Wilson's final advice was "above all else, keep it all business."

"When you're doing business, be doing business," said Wilson. "We're all friends, & you can handshake deal but it's still a deal. Until it's party time, it's business. If you're not taking yourself seriously, nobody else will. That goes across the board, boys, girls. You have to be able to have your shit together."

We laughed at the exchange "fake it 'til you make it," knowing quite well being in the entertainment industry is like fluffing your peacock feathers out when you're really a countryside chicken. 

"There's a lot of walking up with your chin held high & your shoulders back, looking people in the eye, even if you don't feel that way," said Wilson.

Speaking of head cocked feathered fowls, Wilson gave a little insight on Mile 0 Fest & Key West, the home to wild chickens both physically & metaphorically.

"This is something for music fans to come to, people who realllly love music," said Wilson. "Nobody cares what you look like. Nobody is trying to outdress anyone. Everyone is trying to be comfortable & sing along."

Wilson gave sage advice to wave maker & first time Mile 0 Fest performer Taylor Hunnicutt stating, "these people want you to win. Nobody here is showing up critiquing your set. Everybody is on your team. They want to see you get up there & be confident, & they will follow you everywhere. These people come from all over the country, & anywhere I go there is a group of Mile 0 people. That is something that is different from everywhere else."

Called by multiple artists a "family reunion," Mile 0 Fest holds a space for some of the best country music followers. Wilson describes them as "loyal, loving, & latched on." 

For more Mile 0 Fest facts & stories, stay tuned this week for our interviews with Josh Weathers, Kaitlin Butts, & Dalton Domino. In the mari-meantime, you can stream Jamie Lin Wilson's "Maritime Moon" & "Hard Time Lately."

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