"And I Will Always Love" Josh Weathers

"And I Will Always Love" Josh Weathers

A heavenly light shined down on a Key West Thursday when Josh Weathers took the Smokin' Tuna stage. We spoke with Weathers after his set in a palm tree flower bed, hiding from the many new fans his golden voice impressed.

To be completely transparent (as we always are here), I had been in attendance of several Weathers shows around the Erath County, Texas area but never had actually listened. Like others before me, I grew up in church music & had a particular disinterest in hearing about the gospel while holding a vodka soda. Prior to this set, a handful of industry folk beckoned me to be blown away by THE Josh Weathers. I truly could not grasp the chokehold this man has on his fans... I needed to know why-- & brother was I ill prepared for the powerhouse that was to come.

The Texas native commanded a sardine packed saloon with just an electronic kick drum pedal, his guitar, & his solid vocals. Weathers' vocal range can flow from Sam Elliot bass to Mariah Carey whistle notes with the softest breath & the smoothest tone you've ever heard. You can read more about that out-of-body experience [HERE!] 

When asked about his vocal talent, Weathers said he knew he could sing in middle school during curriculum mandated choir class. However, he didn't sing again until after his adolescent years.

"The choir teacher sat everybody down one at a time & played scales on the piano & had you sing along with it," said Weathers. "I could kind of sing whatever she played, & she said 'you can sing!' So, I sang a little bit in 7th grade & didn't sing again until I was a freshmen in college when I found a guitar in my buddy's garage."

Weathers grew a life full of baseball & high school rodeo between his singing stages, allowing for more experience to write on.

"Get you in the Getter."

"I like to write songs about life things," said Weathers. "Country music is really story songs. Those are always my favorite. Those are the ones that are very nostalgic & kind of get you in the getter." Weathers pounds on his heart while shuffling his feet in the citrus soil. "It makes you well up in your throat."

With songs like "One" & "Sometime," it's apparent Weathers has done a lot of living & story telling, putting pen to paper & spilling pieces of himself out in his music.

A new album is in the works for Weathers, beginning studio time last week. With his viral rendition of "I Will Always Love You" by Dolly Parton (Whitney Houston version), Weathers experienced a high interest in cover songs through his social media platforms. On the Tuna stage, he spoke about how his wife goaded him into posting on TikTok which then brought more fame to his can-do-all voice. 

"I'm going to go record an 80s/90s country cover album," said Weathers. "I've been posting these videos on social media, & they've been going crazy. I want to capitalize on that, but also I'm going to put out a full length Josh Weathers album."

What would an original Weathers album sound like? I'd like to imagine George Jones level of vocal imitation, but with some Mahalia Jackson gospel range.

"I would like to portray myself as the modern day Ronnie Milsap or something like that," said Weathers. "He had soul, funk, & all that kind of stuff in his music also while being good country, too."

As we stood in the bushes of low hanging palm leaves, Weathers' halo was shining a little brighter than on stage when asked about his Nonprofit Organization Love Like You Mean It, International.

"[My wife & I] built a school in the middle of nowhere India with 280 students," said Weathers. "I have 3 little girls that are adopted from India, so we have a real heart for India. We've spent the last seven years working on that, & it's going amazing. It's been amazing."

Between caring for his family, financially & organizationally running a school, & putting out new (& old) music, it's amazing that there's never a moment Weathers drops his smile. Never a shoulder hunched or maliced eye from the guy with an unwavering gift from God. Consider me Saul to Paul, a new member of the Josh Weathers Fan Club.

To catch the truly wonderful vocal abilities of Weathers, you can find his tour dates [HERE!] If you're called to give, you can also help Love Like You Mean It, International by sponsoring a child or widow.

Stay tuned for more Mile 0 Fest interviews with Kaitlin Butts & Dalton Domino!

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