Mila Rae's "She Ain't Me" Review

Mila Rae's "She Ain't Me" Review

Upcoming Texas artist Mila Rae released her second ever single "She Ain't Me" last Friday, September 29th. 

Produced by Scott Faris at Amusement Park Studios, "She Ain't Me" is a Country Rock anthem equipped with electric guitar solos from Dustin Garrett and solid alternative-style drumming by Gunner Driver. Rae strums rhythm guitar, with Joy Harris on bass, and Amy Faris on keys. It's reminiscent of a young Kolby Cooper sound and Holly Beth's lyrical screw you attitude.

"I actually started writing this song in 2021," said Rae. "I revisited it in 2022 for Randall King’s King Fest Songwriter Competition and ended up advancing with it. After that, I [sent] it to Charlie Stout and [Faris], and they both loved it."

The single is Rae's first ever co-write, switching up lines and adding new ones with Stout and Farris. Changing the perspective from “She’ll never be your ranch girl dream” to “I’ll never be your ranch girl dream” in the lyrics was an addition by Stout.

"I remember when we cut the vocals, I got super emotional because it finally clicked with me how powerful just changing that perspective was," said Rae. "My favorite part of this song is the breakdown right after the solo where all the instruments but the voice and acoustic guitar cut out. In production, [Faris] made a really fantastic delay effect on the vocals at the end of the phrases that gives it an almost haunting result."

"She Ain't Me" is a scream in the car, bang on your chest reminder of what you're worth. It's about heartbreak and skewed priorities, replaying the tens of questions we ask ourselves when exes move on without us. However, the single ends with acceptance and introspection.

"The message there is he missed out on a really really great girl," said Rae. "The verses are a series of questions she never got to ask; and the chorus is the girl telling the guy basically 'hey man, you’re never gonna find someone like me. Whoever you find might be great and she might check all your boxes, but in the end she ain't me.'

You can find "She Ain't Me" on all streaming platforms, or you can catch it live at Mila Rae's first full band show at Magnolia Motor Lounge on October 27th. 

"I found a great group of musicians that are so fun and exceptional at their instruments," said Rae. "I have dreamt about having a full band for so long now, and it's like REAL now."

Single art by Neon Jackrabbit's Jaclynn Pierce. 

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Very proud of you Mila you came a long ways in your music I love listening to your songs

Jeff Farmer

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